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Getaway Fitness Retreats are all-inclusive fitness vacations held at luxury resort destinations. Our fitness vacation getaway combines intensive structured fitness with sumptuous destinations, healthy gourmet meals and nutritional education.  We provide not only a fun and healthy fitness holiday, but more importantly a means for our guests to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals - an overall body holiday.   


"Our guests attend our retreats because they are looking for an intense, structured fitness boot camp program. With days packed full of diverse fitness activities.  We really challenge our guests while providing an active and healthy vacation.  If you love travel and outdoors, meeting new people and value a healthy lifestyle, then Getaway Fitness is the fitness vacation adventure for you! " 


Guests trying to achieve weight loss benefit from the powerful workouts we deliver, but also benefit from the cellular nutrition and ongoing monitoring we provide. We can customize a package that fits any need which is why our fitness vacations appeal to everyone - men, women, couples, families and girlfriends on getaway vacations. 

Because we limit the number of guests each week, this allows us to tailor each program to our guest's goals and makes is easy to accommodate guests of all fitness levels. I guess you could say we are a "boutique boot camp vacation". We not only build healthy bodies, we create an amazing fitness experience for our guests."


Fitness Vacation, Fitness Camp, Fitness Retreat, Florida, St. Petersburg, Vinoy Renaissance Hotel, Hotel Zamora

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"I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience. Your trainers are the best I have ever worked with, and they gave me everything I was looking for, and more. I can't wait to start on my own plan and continue getting healthy!" - Allison K

“I would like to thank you so much for being the brains of the operation to a perfect getaway. That's what you should start calling it! We had a great time with all the trainers and they were perfect for our personalities. Kudos on finding the best...We'll be seeing you next year for sure. Thanks." - Jason L


"We are having a blast! The trainers are excellent, the program is extremely challenging and the scenery is perfect. Thank you for providing this fun, creative program. I can't wait to get to the Florida Fitness Vacation. Love it, love it." - Geri A





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Fitness Vacation, Fitness Camp, Fitness Retreat, Florida, St. Petersburg, Vinoy Renaissance Hotel, Hotel Zamora           Fitness Vacation, Fitness Camp, Fitness Retreat, Florida, St. Petersburg, Vinoy Renaissance Hotel, Hotel Zamora

Fitness Vacation, Fitness Camp, Fitness Retreat, Florida, St. Petersburg, Vinoy Renaissance Hotel, Hotel Zamora


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Program Locations

Getaway Fitness Vacation Retreats are held at luxury resort properties.  Our fitness vacation getaways combine an intensive structured fitness schedule with luxury hotel accomodations and healthy gourmet meals.  Our  year-round destinations are in St. Petersburg, Florida and San Diego, California.  The mild weather makes them perfect locations for a fitness vacation or weight loss spa getaway.  Ft. Desoto Park in St. Petersburg, Florida provides fantastic scenery for the kayaking and biking trips. San Diego, California provides year round perfect weather for our outdoor fitness adventures.  Our variety of locations allows our guests to return to our fitness, weight loss vacation getaways again and again while having a brand new experience. Our program is held at well known waterfront resorts such as the Don Cesar Beach Resort, the Hotel Del Coronado. Hyatt Mission Bay Resort and the Renaissance Vinoy Resort. 

Beach Boot Camps

Getaway Fitness vacation boot camps are held on a variety of beautiful beaches.  Our Florida beach boot camps are often held at Ft. Desoto Park, which ranks among the top ten beaches in America year after year.  Fitness boot camps have become increasingly popular because of the intensity of the workout.  While, many of our guests hope to achieve weight loss, others want to sculpt and tone their bodies or find new exercises to incorporate into their existing fitness routine.   All of these can be achieved through the myriad of intense exercises and the cardiovascular workouts that make up our Getaway Fitness Vacation boot camps.

Men's Fitness Boot Camps

Our luxury fitness vacation destinations are not just for the ladies.  Our Men's Fitness Vacation program delivers hard care fitness activities designed especially for men looking to get in the best shape of their life.  Our strength and cross fit training incorporate functional exercise with heart pounding cardio workouts for a true fitness challenge. 

Who is a candidate for our fitness boot camp vacations?

Many guests that call about our fitness camp ask questions regarding how fit they need to be to participate. They wonder about our other guests, are they here to lose weight or to tone up.  Do they have a little or a lot of weight to lose and are they currently active in a fitness routine.  Our guests have varying fitness levels.  Some have been engaged in fitness activities, both cardio and weight training, several times per week and are on a regular fitness routine. These guests typically are coming to perhaps spice up their fitness program at home and/or to learn new things or to train for a specific fitness event such as a race.  Other guests have not been as active, or were at one time and have lost their fitness and dietary habits. These guests are looking to restart a health and fitness program, learn about nutirtion, how to cook and eat healthier and in most cases are looking to lose weight.  How much weight they wish to lose varies by guest.  We can accommodate the diversity in fitness levels.  Each guest completes an extensive profile that tell us how active they have been, what types of fitness they have been doing at home and also what their nutritional habits are.  We also obtain medical information about the guest that we may need to factor into their exercise program.  Injuries may require us to alter an activity or direct them to work that muscle group in a different way.  This profile allows us to adjust for the variances in our guests fitness levels and it also allows us to personalize the program and plan how we will help our guest meet their health and fitness goals during their vacation.

Give the Gift of Fitness

Many of the Getaway Fitness Vacation guests have come to the program as a result of a gift from a friend, relative or other loved one.  When racking your brain for a unique gift idea, a fitness vacation getaway is a great gift idea and a way to show someone you care about their health and well being.

Weight Loss Opportunities at our Getaway Fitness Vacation Retreats

If weight loss is your goal then you have come to the right place.  We offer the exercise intensity of a weight loss boot camp or fat camp type program but in a more luxurious environment.  Our Getaway Fitness menus provides guests with healthy, low calorie, low fat meals and the "Healthy Cooking Shopping Excursion" teaches our guests how to read lables, understand the content of what they purchase and provides them with the knowledge to choose and prepare healthier meals.  Many fat farm type programs provide already prepared meals that do not arm guests to face "real world" situations such as dining out with co-workers or friends.  Our weight loss spa program provides meals in a "real world" setting that educates our guests and teaches them how to make healthy meal selections and to modify meals so they can be anywhere and still find a low fat, low caloire heatlhy altermative. 

Why a boot camp vacation?

It is a well known fact that more and more people are turning to fitness boot camp workouts to get the results they want and also as a fun alternative to a gym workout.  Boot camp retreats give participatns the enjoyment of being outdoors, an intensive diverse workout, and more important, the results that come from a workout of this level; reduction of body fat, improved muscle mass and weight loss.  A boot camp retreat may be just what you need to achieve the results you are looking for.  Get your fitness routine on track at our California or Florida boot camp vacation destinations!

Getaway Fitness Vacation's Girlfiend Getaways

Our fitness vacation is an ideal getaway for girlfriends, sisters, mother/daughter and any other combination of girls wanting a unique getaway.  We have many guests that come and they all participate in tthe program and yet we also often have mother/daugthers on a girl getaway where one may choose not to participates and just wants to enjoy the resort and join up for meals and spa time.  We can create fitness vacation packages to accommodate any need.  Let us customize a girlfriend fitness vacation getaway for you!

Fitness Holidays at Getaway Fitness

Escape from the cold and book your health and fitness holiday in sunny Florida or California.  We love our guests from Canada and the UK (United Kingdom) and they love our beachfront boot camps and the value of their dollars in the United States!  With two sunny locations to choose from, our healthy holiday getaway can provide you with the active vacation you are looking for.  Our expert trainers in Florida and California will provide you with everything you need to achieve weight loss and get into shape.  Pack your sneakers and gym clothes and we'll do the rest.

About our Fitness Vacation Guests

We love the diversity of our fitness vacation guests.   They come from all around world, Canada, Europe Asia the Middle East. Especially during the winter monthgs we see guests from the northeast, New York, Washingon DC. Chiago, New Jersey, Washingtonn State, the Midwest.  Fitness vacation enthusiasts looing for a drive iin vacation joins us from other parts of Floria (Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach) and California (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County).  A drive in vacation keeps cost down and allows you to attend our fitness vacation program without a lot of planning.  For getaway guests located in the central part of the US (Colorado, Texas,  New Mexico Kansas, Missouri) either of  our Florida or California fitness vacation getaway programs is a quick plane ride.  Residents of St. Petersburg, Riverview, Clearwater, Tampa, Dunedin, Sarasota, Bradenton, Brandon, Lakeland, Lutz, Wesley Chapel and other surrounding areas can take advantage of our all-inclusive vacation program or also join our Day Retreat program. This provides all the fitness vaction activities without the hotel acccommodations which makes for a very attractively priced package for local Tampa Bay residents.

Not a Fat Camp, A Fitness Camp

The Getaway Fitness Vacation program is a fit camp, not a fat camp experience.  It is for people who love travel and the outdoors, who love sports and fitness, like meeting new poeple and want healthy food and an active vacation.   Our fitness vacations are geared towards peple that value a healthy lifestyles, love fitness and want to try new things.   Guests should be ready for vigourous exercise and have an adventureous attitude beacuse guets often leave our fitness vacation having tried something they have never done before - and found they love it.  From biking, paddleboarding, trampline bootcamp classes, rock wall climbing, kayaking and swimming, there is the chance each and every day for our fitness holiday guests to learn something new.  

iBootcamp and more for Brides

Most of us are familiar with the terms wedding weightloss and bridal fitness or bridal bootcamp.  We add the term beach and bootcamp getaways to that.  Getaway Fitness Vacations has launched a complete bridal fitness getaway program geared at helping brides achieve their desired weight loss for their wedding.  Every bride wants to look fit and healthy and gorgeous in their gown. They want to look and feel confident on their wedding day. Bridal Bootcamp Fitness Getaways is a bridal fitness getaway that provides stuctured fitness, healthy gourmet meals, while leaving down tiime for spa and relaxing with the girls.  Brides can attend with their bridesmaids or girlfriends.  Brides can lose weight, have fun at the beach and leave feeling refreshed and renewed for their big day.